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  • We produce furniture for apartments, houses, villas, hotels, offices, pharmacies, shops, pubs, clubs, discos.
  • We prepare an entire project for the interior with 3D visualization.
  • We act as a subcontractor in furniture-manufacturing on the basis of interior designers’ and architects’ projects.


  • Contact us on the phone or come to our office.
  • For preliminary offers, you can give us a scheme of the place, or we could send a representative of ours to see the place and to suggest some ideas for space distribution.
  • You can directly make your inquiries via e–mail, applying a scheme of the premises and describing your preferences about its decoration.
  • We prepare 3D visualization of the furniture.
  • We harmonize our projects with you and make corrections.
  • We make a final offer. In case you do not accept the offer, you do not owe us anything for it.
  • If you accept the offer, we sign a contract for the production, delivery and fitting of the furniture with the projects and a detailed description of the used materials as appendices to it. The standard term for completion and delivery is 45 days, and the fitting is accomplished within 3 days of the delivery. Payment: 50% in advance on contracting the agreement, 40% after completion and delivery, 10% after fitting in case the client is satisfied with its quality and term of completion, or after the removal of any faults the client has found. In case of kitchens, fitting includes fitted electrical appliances and sinks but no connection to the power network or water and sewerage systems. Standard guarantee term – 5 years.
  • If the client has chosen so, we can arrange the order and delivery of electrical appliances, sinks, mattresses, however, only in case the furniture is produced by us.
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